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Best Auto Repair, Winston-Salem

3500 N Patterson Ave Winston-Salem, NC 27105

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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Whiteheart and Sons Automotive Service Center:


Excellent services provided diagnosing a coolant leak. Thank you for the thorough testing to ensure the issue was fixed. I would recommend Whiteheart to friends and family CF OBoyle.


Enrique Noyola came out and towed our car to the dealership because the battery was dead. He was so kind and considerate. He did such a great job. We were very impressed by the customer service he provided.

Winston-Salem, NC

I was coming back from Kentucky and broke down in Rural Hall with my elderly mother in tow. I have AAA and they left me stranded for 3 hours until they finally called Whiteheart to come and get us. And it was only 30 minutes from the time Whiteheart got the call that they were there to help. I was angry with AAA because they did not call this company sooner. Had I known of this company before this night I would have called them directly and skipped AAA. The tow truck driver (sorry I do not remember his name) that came to rescue us was so polite, professional and and helpful. It had started raining and he let us get in the truck while he hooked the car up. He got us down the road and home within an hour, along with some great conversation. I am so appreciative that he came so quickly and got us where we needed to go safely. THANK YOU!!!!


William was quick and friendly when he came to tow my vehicle from Winston Salem to Booneville! Awesome service


William is the best, he contacted me to let me know he was on the way and was very accurate with his information. He had me back in my car within minutes of his arrival. Prompt and professional, thank you very much.

reviewiconTowing, near Winston-Salem, VA

I would like to highly compliment William for his outstanding quick response and kindness he showed me yesterday. He was very thorough and conscientious as he loaded my car and called me when it arrived at it's location. Great job, William!:) Highly recommend him and the company!!:)


After having a terrible time finding someone to come tow my car Josh came to the rescue! He went above and beyond my expectations, arriving quickly, attempting to get the issue fixed, and being patient with my chaotic nature. It was the most pleasant experience I have had with anyone on the automotive industry.

reviewiconElectrical Services, near Lewisville, North Carolina

William outstanding came to my house called AAA Service outstanding Customer Service by William friendly and glad help. Fixed my problem in 5 minutes


Josh was amazing, hardworking, and communicative. Very polite and kind!

reviewiconTowing, near Winston-Salem, NC

Reed was great! His professionalism put us at ease under stressful circumstances. He explained what he was doing and used caution, moving our vehicle as carefully as possible without causing any further damage. He was friendly as well despite it being the middle of the night! Thank you!


Most calls for a towing service are made under extreme duress. At least this has been my experience, at least. Whiteheart Towing comes to the rescue with confidence, and care placing their customer service far beyond their competitors. I've had to call them on 3 different occasions. They have never waivered from my first grateful impression of honest, timely, courteous, competence. If you call them, they will definitely be "on your side" when you need it the most.

reviewiconTowing, near Winston-Salem, NC

William and Josh were excellent! The were communicative and responded in a timely manner. They towed my car to the dealership of my choice, and were very professional. If I ever have car trouble again, they would be my first choice.

reviewiconTowing, near Winston-Salem, NC

William was very courteous, professional and right on time, will use their service in the future thanks.

reviewiconTowing, near Winston-Salem, NC

William Newman was awesome. So quick, efficient, kind and very helpful. He went above and beyond to help me and get me home safe. Thank you for the great service!


My son was all packed to leave campus (Wake Forest) and then the car would not start. The car would not even take a jump start. We contacted Whiteheart & Sons and they came out the next day and were able to tow the truck in for immediate repair. Appreciate the rapid service to confirm it was a dead battery and replaced the battery. In addition, they completed an oil change and free tire rotation. The price for all the services was very reasonable. In addition, they gave my son a discount when they realized he was a college student from Wake Forest (Go Deacs). Thank you for the great customer service to get my son on the road to drive to his next destination Memphis TN. So glad the car broke down on campus and he was able to obtain such professional service. Thank you!!!!


It's Saturday. Yesterday I had my car's air compressor and all components replaced. Today I ran a couple of errands. On way home coolant flushed out and it started to overheat, then it shut down. I pulled off to the side of the road, car wouldn't start. The repair shop was closed, I will deal with them on Monday. I had just joined AAA so I thought, "wow, what luck!" I called them at 4:00PM. They said a technician was notified but they could not get to me until at least 7:00PM because they were so busy. I was not happy to say the least. I called Whiteheart and Sons. They dispatched a truck that showed up in 15 MINUTES! I cancelled the AAA service call...I will deal with them on Monday. The driver called me when he was on his way, named Ronald Clint (hope I have the name correct). He pulled up, the car had cooled off enough so it would start and I was able to pull it onto the flatbed. He hooked it up carefully and we were off. I had it towed to my home since I will be asking the repair facility that worked on it to pick it up Monday and fix the faulty work. I was so thankful to Ron and I had told him about my AAA experience and I told him how impressed I was that he had shown up so quickly. While he was lowering the flatbed preparing to unload my car, he told me to have a look at the back window of his truck...I see the AAA sticker, they are an approved/recommended AAA company! I took a picture of that. Why AAA told me I could not be helped and they intended to leave me sitting on the side of the road for THREE HOURS is something I will be speaking to them about on Monday. Between the repair shop and AAA, I have a lot of ass to kick on Monday. I have Whiteheart and Sons' phone number saved in my phone. I cannot recommend them enough. Friendly, professional driver with a top-level tow truck that was well-equipped and looked immaculate. All that and the quick dispatch and pickup, this is THE place to call if you ever need a tow. THANK YOU!!!


William is a blessing, I was out of town for a football tournament, tire blew out. I had no spare or jack. With all the tire shops closed, he helped me figure out "what to do next". Had to be home in Charlotte today so we took off the tire. Which was the best option for me. Thank you for just being a good damn person.


I want to say how much I appreciate William for jumping my car off today and pointing out what was wrong with my car, he also went the extra mile to call to find out how much the part would cost me. William, It meant the world to me. There are few good people left like this, I really appreciate your kindness! Thanks!


I had a tire pressure alert go off in my vehicle as I was driving home to Cincinnati from Greensboro. I pulled off the highway and stopped at a gas station to air up the tire. About 10 minutes later, the pressure warning went off again, and I again pulled off the highway. I searched for a Chevrolet dealer on my phone, and was headed that way, when I saw your facility. I saw you were a Michelin dealer, so I pulled in. I explained my problem, and shortly after my information was typed into your computer system, your technician was taking my vehicle into the shop. After about 20 minutes, your technician came into the waiting area, and showed me the small scissor that I had somehow run over and caused a puncture in the tread area of the tire. He installed a patch, remounted and balanced the tire, and we were back on the road within an hour. I greatly appreciate the staff's efforts to get us back on the road so quickly, and their ability to perform a proper repair. We made the six hour drive without incident. Thanks Again!!


I would just like to personally give a huge thank you to my technician William Newman who went above and beyond to help with my towing job. I knew my experience would be great and that I was with someone that I could trust as soon as he called and introduced himself with appropriate questions as to what the issue was. I had just dealt with another towing service who tried to unfortunately take advantage of my car situation and have me pay extra for a service I didn't need, but William explained that these services weren't needed and that he could tow my car as promised. He was very transparent and I appreciated his kindness and skill during the whole experience. I will be sure to use Whiteheart and Sons and specifically request William if I do ever need towing services. Thank you!


Reed was wonderful! Did a fantastic job. I was very pleased how quickly he towed my car. Very highly recommend. Greatly appreciate the wonderful job Reed did.


Great job. Punched a hole in the oil pan and shredded the engine. Didn't want to total it. They found an engine and installed. Very pleased.


My 2013 Chevy truck broke down on 52 S right before exit to Germantown and Patterson Winston Salem NC. I called around for someone to tow and repair it. Lucky for me that the other places that I called first were unable to get me in. When I called Whiteheart & Sons I spoke with Gary who was very kind and understanding about the dilemma I was in being from out of town. All I can say is if I lived in Winston Salem NC this would be the place I would take all my vehicles. Gary thanks to you and your knowledgeable technicians I was able to finish my trip and make it home safe.


Great Godly owner! I purchased a used car from Steve Whiteheart and haven't had a single problem. He stands by his vehicles, 2 yrs later still going strong. Purchase your next vehicle from him, your won't be worried about it. Continue to pray for Steve, the Lord knows the need.

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, 05/25/2023
Excellent services provided diagnosing a coolant leak. Thank you for the thorough testing to ensure the issue was fixed. I would recommend Whiteheart to friends and family CF OBoyle.
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